new moon in sagittarius

TAKE BACK MY POWER Month Day 29: NEW MOON RITUALS. Today marks a new moon in Sagittarius. This new moon, like all new moons, is symbolic of new beginnings. This one is particularly important because it invites us to release the chains of our past and step boldly and independently into our bright futures. This calls to me on so many levels because, if you’ve been following my journey, I have experienced a great deal of the past surfacing this month. November is always an emotional month, filled with milestones good and not so good. Closing out the month with the intention of letting the past go and focusing on the future is exactly the release my weary heart needs. I’ve also been contemplating a lot about my future. Many important, private decisions loom. Now is the time to put my thoughts down and create a plan. So, tonight I will perform some rituals. This will include putting intentions to paper, visualizations exercises, and some sage/incense/crystal work to help release the past and walk mindfully into my future.

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