Take Back My Power Day 25: Me Time

me time

TAKE BACK MY POWER Month Day 25: ME TIME. The wildlings are with their father at my house and I am staying at my Mom’s for the weekend (my choice, it’s best for the kids). I am child-free, cost-free, guilt-free, work-free until Monday morning and am free to do WHATEVER I WANT. It’s a strange feeling. A huge chunk of my everyday life is absent. Waking up this morning without snuggles, without requests for breakfast, without anything that I absolutely had to do today was just plain weird. It first left me with a sense of anxiety. But, as I move through my day, trying to figure out how to spend my time, I’m relaxed a bit now. I took myself to lunch. I worked on my website. I did some serious work on the yoga mat. Now I’m going to lounge on the couch and read a book before getting ready to go out to dinner with my mom and sister. It feels a bit sinful, doing nothing but what I want to do. However, I am going to embrace the “me time,” appreciate the small dose of freedom, and refill my tank so that I can take on the wildlings with renewed vigor come Monday!

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