yozenity Bowl

yozenity’s first ever Buddha Bowl! Buddha Bowls are taking the healthy eating world by storm and it’s not hard to see why. Toss some clean, fresh, healthy foods together in a bowl, add some sauce, dressing, and/or spice and enjoy! There will be more bowls to come from yozenity because this is now an OBSESSION


honey sriracha chicken

Sriracha, chicken, and quinoa are a few of my favorite things. Put them together and it’s a magical dish. This sriracha chicken recipe, modified, has been all over the internet so it is not an original. I cannot tell where it exactly originated so my apologies! Adjust the amount of sriracha and honey to taste,


Kale Salad with Quinoa and Cranberries

File this one under “to die for.” This salad was inspired by one I had at a chic little spot in Bellevue, WA that I had to recreate for myself. I made it for a dinner party and my host and hostess devoured it. Think you’re over kale salad? Think again with this recipe! The