Breakfast hack: Avocado Toast on the Go!

Who doesn’t love avocado toast? It encompasses all the indulgences your taste buds crave¬† – creaminess and carbs! – while still part of a healthy diet. In its simplest form, avocado toast is simply mashed avocado with some salt spread on top of toast, preferably whole wheat. It is full of healthy fats and whole grains and leaves you satisfied for hours. The only drawback to avocado toast is that it’s difficult to enjoy on the run and is best shared between two people, as a whole avocado may be more calorie indulgence than you want (if you’re counting calories). Once the avocado is mashed, you have to eat it right away before it oxidizes. If you’re at home with a loved one, this is a perfect breakfast or midday snack. But if you’re a busy person on the go, you need an alternative.

Enter the yozenity breakfast hack for avocado toast! I personally have this for breakfast nearly every day because I love it and it makes eating a healthy, low calorie yet satisfying breakfast easy!

All it takes is 3 things:

Throw those 3 in your backpack or purse and you have avocado toast on the run. When you get to where you’re going, cut the muffin in half, spread the guacamole on each half, and apply to face.

I like a whole wheat English muffin because it can stand up to the guacamole even if it is not toasted, which is convenient when you don’t have access to a toaster! You can also pre-toast the muffin before you walk out the door. I also like the low calorie factor. A whole wheat English muffin is on average only about 120 calories. I like using the Wholly Guacamole minis because they have instant portion control, don’t oxidate very quickly, and are already packaged for travel. You can usually find these in the refrigerator section of your supermarket’s product department. They’re even available in the same section at Target. All told, a 220 calorie avocado toast on the go with all of the flavor, convenience, and satisfaction you could hope for. Voila, enjoy!

Sitting down to work with my avocado toast on the run!

avocado toast


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