About yozenity

I am constantly on a journey to find the best ways to nurture mind, body, and soul. The purpose of yozenity is to help you on that journey and to learn with you as we together explore different techniques, modalities, and philosophies centered around healthy eating, yoga, meditation, and healing.

There is no one method of eating, moving, or healing that is the “correct” way. Different things work for different people and in different combinations. Yozenity offers an environment of exploration so that you can discover your best self, inside and out.

Who is behind yozenity?


Mostly just me, LaurDoone. My name is Lauren but I go by the pseudonym LaurDoone because it became a nickname a friend gave me in high school after the Lorna Doone cookies. So, you may call me “Laur,” but only if I like you. I am a formerly fervent wedding/pregnancy/mommy blogger that is now a working single mom trying to navigate this crazy thing called life while raising two healthy happy wildlings and avoiding junk foods and GMOs. I’m on a constant mission to explore new theories of health and wellness while squeezing in a yoga practice here and there (between sips of wine because that’s just essential). Being a full time mom, full time employee, full time everything, I understand the challenges we all face in trying to do it all but do it quickly, cheaply, and enjoyably. So here with yozenity I am trying to share my learnings, my experiences, and my tricks. The intention is to complete the education needed to speak to things like nutrition and yoga on a professional level, so I thank you in joining me in my journey to get there.



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